American Banker

“Why some states are losing more banks than others”

“How this Texas bank keeps its lenders focused on the long term”

“How one bank found itself in the middle of the immigration debate”

“How will CDFIs fare under Trump?”

“The Quiet Investor Community Banks Need to Know”


The Post and Courier

“A bra is born”

“Uber: A quick ride or a safety hazard?”

“South Carolina bills would impose taxes on Airbnb rentals”

“Airbnb debate drifts to Mount Pleasant from Charleston”

“Charleston International Airport to revisit Uber policy”

“70,000 South Carolinians could be affected by overtime policy”

“Gov. Haley signs bill regulating Uber”

“Startups, talent crop up from Charleston’s growing tech sector”

“Charleston student: From startup to another, by age 21”


The Riveter Magazine

“Q&A with Jen Doll, author of ‘Save the Date'”


Bloomberg News

“Outlet Malls Move Closer to Cities in Upending of Rules”

“Apple Watch Skewed to Geeky Guys Risks Alienating Female Buyers”

“Monopoly Games Keeps Growing At Age 80, With Help From ‘Frozen'”

“Workout Junkies Flock to CrossFit, Shun Fitness Centers”

“RadioShack Rivals Poised to Divvy Up Chain’s $3 Billion in Sales”

“A 60-Second History of RadioShack”

“Staples Agrees to Buy Office Depot for About $6.3 Billion”


Government Executive

“Hawaii’s Once-Lagging Digital Footprint Is Now Transformed”

“How an App Is Helping Young People With Autism Communicate and Grow”


The Wall Street Journal

“American Public Gives Lawmakers an Earful on Syria”

“Veterans Storm WWII Memorial”

“Lives Cut Short in Washington Rampage”

“DNC Weighs Resignation Call for San Diego Mayor”


The Kansas City Star

“Some states, including Missouri, consider whether to ban Google Glass while driving”

“Missouri contemplates tax breaks for angel investors”

“Jobless benefits eligibility could get harder in Missouri”

“Missouri bill would let parents pull kids from evolution classes”

“Different policies regulate student contact data”


The Indianapolis Star

“A $15 minimum wage in Indy? Unlikely”

“8-year-old raises over $13,000 for bulletproof plates”

“Support from near and far for Franklin Five”

“Decades later, a family broken up reunites and reconnects”

More work samples can be made available upon request.

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